The TLT Sensor

TLT has successfully completed the outstanding breakthrough development of a standalone CUFFLESS device that can not only deliver highly accurate blood pressure readings almost anywhere in the body, but can also deliver key information about the entire arterial tree as well as the heart.

This unique world-class breakthrough was completed in just 5 months by the TLT team and now offers a major global opportunity for the TLT sensor to be incorporated directly into cellphones, clothing, computers etc — all without any cuff being required — see video below.

TLT will be pursuing strong corporate development partnerships for further commercialisation of this Cuffless sensor technology and has entered discussions with selected key Global Technology Corporations.

The unique TLT Sapphire device can be applied almost anywhere in the body and deliver a powerful analysis of not just blood pressure but also arterial haemodynamics — all continuously and in real-time; delivering results within just seconds.

The same sensor can even be applied peripherally to the eyelid and deliver an ophthalmic blood pressure — again all within seconds — something that no other technology can do. This unique sensor opens up a multi-billion dollar market for TLT that will include not just hospital applications but also in cellphone, PDAs, computers and even clothing.

TLT has completed all of the initial development work including proof of principle for the cuffless BPM sensor (Programme Sapphire).

TLT Sapphire is a unique product in several ways:

– it is a cuffless device that delivers a high fidelity signal from which accurate and powerful haemodynamic biometric readings can be made;
– it produces continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure measurement within nanoseconds of being applied to the body;
– it generates a unique waveform;
– it can be applied anywhere on the body: arms and legs, carotid artery, and even blood pressure directly in the eye;
– no energy enters the body from the device;
– there is no need for calibration;
– averaged blood pressure monitoring (so the user can see a single SBP and DBP which can be updated every 5 heart beats);
– TLT Sapphire offers comprehensive blood flow monitoring;
– TLT Sapphire also offers unique monitoring of irregularities of the ventricles of the heart.


Cuff-less Technology

No constriction of the artery is required.

digital technology

Continuous measurement of the blood pressure send directly to an App or Laptop display

Ubiquitous sensor technology

Can be used in different applications to measure a range of cardiovascular parameters

UK Manufacturing

High quality, precision manufacturing.

No calibration required

TLT works independently of any other device or method.

Globally Patent Protected

Issued patents in the US, Europe and Asia.


Medical Consumer

A comfortable device that removes the discomfort of old-fashioned cuff systems. A 99 memory storage allows you to track your blood pressure definitely. The data can be downloaded simply to your healthcare provider.

Hospital ward and intensive care

The medical wearable TLT device allows non-invasive, infection free, beat to beat, continuous monitoring of patients. The data is visualised on a smartphone and will be available for integration into ITU nurses’ monitoring stations.


Monitoring your blood pressure provides invaluable information on your level of wellness. The TLT technology allows you to have more information, control and the ability to be proactive in your health management.

The App

A simple, easy to use app that measures and records your blood pressure. This allows you to gain control, be in control and stay in control.