TLT’s proprietary blood pressure measurement (BPM) device technology delivers a robust capability to interface with telemedical and other technologies. The following five product families have been identified and will be developed into manufacturing prototypes:

  1. Clinical devices for use in doctor offices and hospitals ; as well as by paramedics and other medical staff in ambulatory care.
  2. Consumer devices for use at home and other environments.p>
  3. High-tech/sports devices for use by business people and sports enthusiasts.
  4. High performance devices to be used in military and aerospace applications.
  5. Specific animal health applications.

In addition, TLT has developed a series of further innovations that will enhance the existing product platform and create new revenue lines.

TLT’s product offering addresses the need for a disruptive innovation in the field of blood pressure monitoring that allows for a direct, more accurate, more sensitive and easily obtained reading. This technology facilitates early and timely management of disease and has an impact beyond that of front line clinical care, treatment regimes or regulatory requirements.

Additional impacts of significance will include biometric assessment within the clinical trials industry and the insurance industry. TLT’s device enables the consumer to have complete confidence in the management of their own health, based on accurate measurement of blood pressure (BP) and also creates confidence in clinicians through the technology’s ability to deliver added value in the management of complex clinical decision making.

TLT’s proven technology is based on a novel non-invasive optoelectronic system that permits the accurate detection and identification of BP. It offers significantly greater bandwidth and sensitivity than any other currently available BPM technology.

The current and future paradigm of cardiovascular medicine will require rapid, accurate and easy assessment of BP in all settings from home to clinic to hospital. Accurate monitoring will enable both doctors and patients to tailor medication such that it is titrated carefully, delivering additional therapeutic effect where needed.

Accurate monitoring of BP facilitates therapeutic decision-making, such that medication is changed when required, thereby preventing cardiovascular events such as a heart attack, or cerebrovascular events such as a stroke. The current therapeutic challenge for medicine is to fine-tune BP to optimise patient care. Therefore, one reasoning for accuracy revolves around this need for real time and careful monitoring. Another example of the need for accuracy revolves around the need for actuarial requirements for the life insurance industry impacting insurance cover, premia and access.

TLT has successfully completed the full research and development phase including prototype development and validation of its proprietary technology and has also completed the final field validation & clinical trials. TLT is now completing its full manufacturing scale-up, the international registration programme and its global market launch programme. First year volumes are already projected to be significant with anticipated sales revenues over US$33 million.


  • Incorporates a novel digital biosensor for BP measurement.
  • Delivers extremely accurate and direct measurement of BP which is easy to deploy.
  • Accuracy and ease of use extends into all sub-populations unlike other devices currently available.
  • Superior to other systems including oscillometric, aneuroid and ausculatory systems.
  • Patented technology that has significantly advanced the state of the art.
  • Uses novel optoelectronics including a novel laser platform.
  • Completely non-invasive.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Highly innovative.