TLT targets UK for hi-tech manufacturing base for revolutionary optical blood pressure sensor

15 December 2011. Welwyn Garden City, UK. - Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT), developer of a revolutionary optoelectronic sensor for measuring blood pressure, has announced that it will build manufacturing capabilities for sensor-based devices in-house at its Welwyn Garden City headquarters.

The company is completing the manufacturing scale-up and translation programme for its first product, a cuff-based blood pressure measurement device which, based on advanced orders, is expected to reach a sales volume of one million units in the first year. TLT has created a unique production process to manufacture large volumes of the optical sensor and which will enable it to rapidly scale up production volumes.

TLT has chosen to base its manufacturing in the UK because production costs for this type of technology are competitive with international manufacturing centres, including the far east. In addition, the UK has the manufacturing capability for key components of electronic devices based on the sensor, so it expects that there will be significant knock-on benefits in the UK hi-tech manufacturing sector as suppliers are taken on board. TLT itself plans to employ 19 more local staff in the first year as it scales up manufacturing output.

Nita Shah, Programme Director for TLT, said, “TLT has developed a novel technology and alongside that a novel manufacturing process to support large-scale manufacture. We are indeed breaking the mould! We are excited and proud that the company can grow into a manufacturing entity here in Hertfordshire whilst having a global customer base.”

The company's next-generation sensor, Sapphire, which has undergone rapid development this year will open the market to a wide range of new easy-to-use, accurate blood pressure products for clinicians, medical research, home healthcare and sports — where monitoring physical performance of elite athletes can be critical.

The sensor achieves greater accuracy than all current blood pressure devices, including the current “gold standard” mercury sphygmomanometer. In addition, it provides continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure measurement in digital form, so blood pressure data can be stored electronically. This data can be further analysed to give cardiovascular information such as heart performance. Having electronic data also means there can be a complete audit trail for applications such as clinical research.

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About Tarilian Laser Technologies

Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) was established in 2006 by Dr Sandeep Shah, CEO, and Nita Shah, Programme Director, to further develop optical technology that they had discovered could measure blood pressure in a unique way. Following completion of the research programme the company filed a series of patents and set up an international R&D team to progress with the development of the sensor technology. TLT has already successfully completed its international FDA and MHRA pivotal regulatory clinical trial, working with global experts in clinical medicine and clinical trials, including from Barts Hospital, London and the William Harvey Institute, London. TLT is now completing the development and entering the manufacturing translation and scale-up programme for its highly innovative consumer blood pressure device that is a stand-alone cuff-less device and has unique features including superior accuracy and ease of use. TLT is expecting first year sales revenue of its TLT Sapphire innovative device to reach over 1 million units. Tarilian Laser Technologies is headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK.


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