TLT's R&D programme has pioneered the discovery, research, design and development of a breakthrough technology for superior automated BPM with a novel device and biosensor that delivers highly accurate blood pressure (BP) readings under all medical conditions and sub-population groups including those groups (young, old, overweight, etc.) where existing technology is deficient and inaccurate. The device is based on internationally patented, ground breaking, optoelectronic methods applied in a non-invasive manner that enables direct measurement of blood pressure in a digital format.

Automated devices currently in the market utilise surrogate blood pressure measurements which require extensive algorithmic correction and are inherently problematic since they do not cater to all sub-populations. These erroneous readings are of concern to regulatory authorities and physicians as they can significantly impact clinical care, leading to mistreatment, maltreatment, failure to treat and even be contributory to death. The correct and accurate measurement of blood pressure has become critically important as therapeutic management of blood pressure has become more complex and as patient profiles change with the increasing impact of an ageing population and the growth of multiple chronic diseases and ailments.

The TLT biosensor has a range of additional applications in Medicine and other high-tech industries.