Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd (TLT) is an exciting innovative British MedTech company based at The Biopark Hertfordshire that has developed a new optical technology platform and biosensor which will revolutionise the healthcare sector globally. TLT was incorporated in 2006 and within 5 years has developed a series of disruptive and pioneering technical breakthroughs in biosensor technology.

The TLT sensor
The sensor

The TLT R&D initiative has pioneered the discovery, research, design and development of a unique technology — the TLT Optoelectronic Sensor — which delivers highly accurate blood pressure readings to the clinician or home user — all without any energy entering the body — a truly unique non-invasive platform.

A cross section of the TLT sensor
A cross section

In addition the TLT sensor delivers a complete haemodynamic profile of the patient making it a world-class unique and robust technology.

The strength of the company lies not only in its novel, IP-protected technology, but also from the internationally renowned management team and the company's network of key medical opinion leaders in the field. TLT has global issued — ie fully granted — patents on its entire technology platform and has also won three significant international Medtech industry awards. TLT has a strong management team including experts in international finance, product engineering, market development, manufacturing, legal and corporate development.

TLT is now completing the development and entering the manufacturing translation and scale-up programme for its highly innovative consumer blood pressure device that is a stand-alone cuff-less device and has unique features including superior accuracy and ease of use. TLT is expecting first year sales revenue of its TLT Sapphire innovative device to reach over 1 million units.